Master Key- Week 1

I have been waiting for the first week with great anticipation and it did not disappoint. One of the reasons why I was so looking forward to the first Master key session was because, of the experience I had in the last year. Last year December I weighed 220 lbs I decided I wanted to lose weight. So instead of going at it the way I did it before and just get frustrated again. I learned a technique from a book I read that showed me to change something in my life, I needed to change my thinking. But the fastest way to change the way I think about something was to imagine myself being slimmer. So I started to see myself 30 lbs lighter and I did this everyday for 2 months which at that point I weighed under 190 lbs. It wasn’t that the weight just went away, but as I saw myself at the weight that I was imagining, my habits started to change naturally. No longer was I fighting to do what was needed to lose weight. So I said all that to say this, I know that this system will help me change every area of my life that I chose to change and it will be effortless.


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