Master Key week 4

This week was a challenge for me, the reason I say that is because, I still have the tendency of sometimes over complicating things. I thought I was cured of that by now but low and behold there it is again. According to my guide my Dmp is coming along. So it’s not so much that, I think it comes down to just having the faith of a child again. I feel like some days are easier than others. I think after so many years of the non-sense teachers that nod wisely but speak stupidly, I am having a little trouble believing that someone finally figured it out and that it will effect my life in such a positive way. I know that I can get past this pretty quickly, and not let it effect my outcome. I am a positive person most of the time, and sorry if I am being negative, just trying to be real. But I am truly working out the answers do, so I will never be negative, and not have a game plan. Any thoughts would be appreciated.


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