Master Key Week 13

As we were told to consider writing or teaching on persistence, I kept thinking about the idea that we learn from teaching best. The reason I was thinking about it was, I didn’t know off the cuff what I would share about it. When it finally came to me, I have been persistent on certain things all my life. When I wanted to attention of a female so bad that it was all I could think of, the only way it would happen was, if I really wanted her that bad and if I could actually see myself with her. When I wanted a car so much that it was all I could think of day and night. So after careful consideration, I have come to realize that, the key thing to persistence was the desire to keep doing the things needed to attain the thing I was longing for, and the ability to see myself attain it. The final thought on it is, if I do not believe that I can attain it, I will not continue with persistence.


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