Master Key Week 15

The Idea of this scroll is extraordinary to me, because when I consider that “I am natures greatest miracle.” It tells me many things: first it says to me that I am unique in every way, then it says that I am no accident, and that I have a unique contribution that no one else can bring to the world but me. As I bring that contribution to the world, it will effect people that no one else can influence but me. Because of the special circumstances involved in that relationship.

I was thinking about what had happened this last week, when one of my daughters sons (a teen of 16) came to me for help, struggling with certain areas in his life. (you can imagine) I realized that the reason he came to me was because of the knowledge I have and wisdom I have attained over the years that my daughters has yet to attain. It’s not that she hasn’t grown, it’s just I have been around longer than her, and I have made it my responsibility to grow in my life in every area that I needed it in.

Also going through this program has given me added arrows in my quiver, so to speak. I was able to share with him things that made him feel confident about the things he is yet to face.

I guess what I am saying is that, if I move forward in my life to do what I was called to do, it will bring a great benefit to me and everyone that I can influence in this life.


One thought on “Master Key Week 15

  1. Absolutely! You were conceived in love to give love. Your family is blessed to have you. The fact that your 16 year old grandson was willing to come to you for that conversation means you have already grown a special relationship that will serve you both well as you continue to grow together. Continue to let your light shine!


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