Masterkey Week 16

Thinking about the changes that I am going through in this Master Key system it reminds me of an old ancient text that we must be transformed by the renewing of our mind in order to succeed. I never realized how much work goes into it. Which should’ve not come as a surprise to me thinking about all the years of input from the world and from my old negative thinking at times, that I have formed my view of the world. Each step as I take it in this process has opened my eyes to what it really takes to be the Master of my own destiny.

Take kindness, for instance. I have thought many times in the past that it is easy to be kind to someone that is kind to you, though that does have its rewards I believe the greater reward comes from being kind to someone who has not been kind in return or at least in the beginning. I have been kind to someone who seemed to be heartless but over time they sometimes, in most cases slowly softened by the love shown to them. They started reciprocating that love back and responding in love. I believe that the true power in this world lies in our kindness and love unconditionally to others because it empowers them to love at all.


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