Press Release

It is a cool day in Arizona, which has everyone a bit more energetic and cheerful in the bustling destination city of Scottsdale. This is where we find Darren Hardy of Success Magazine who is joining Richard Angel in his home in the luxurious Paradise Valley. The California native has become nothing less than a shooting star in many an ambitious entrepreneur’s eye lately. Darren agreed to this rare, on-site interview simply because of the sheer volume of requests he has received to interview him.

Darren, “So, Richard, what ignited the spark that brought you the success you have today in business?”

Richard, with a Cheshire grin, “That is a loaded question with a long answer! But the simplest answer is that I was always unsatisfied with what I saw around me. Even as a boy I had that success streak that would not be satisfied with anything less than what could be achieved. I remember being 8 years old and seeing a newspaper van take a turn to sharp and drop a stack of newspapers out the back of it right in front of me. I laughed when I told my wife this story because she immediately asked me what I made out of the Paper Mache I obviously would utilize it for! Never even dawned on me! I saw dollar bills. I had my dad drive me to the corner and I sold those papers! I wasn’t interested in fun as much as I was excelling. That day forward I was hooked. I knew the college, 9-5 career tract was not for me. I would build empires.”

Darren leans forward, “How are those empires coming along?”

Richard, adjusting in his chair showing a tailored appearance that can only be found in custom made clothes, “I always want to help people. I want to know my life had an impact on many. Angel Global’s mission is to take resources, all resources including money, time, knowledge, skills, etc., and pass them to the people who need them the most. Each and every life we touch is an empire. Inside one child being fed and nourished is a nation who is in need support and direction. While I have a long road to continue down I can honestly say that we are well on our way building an immeasurable amount of empires.”

Darren, “That sounds fulfilling.”

Richard, “It truly is,” as he is tearing up, “I get out of bed each morning just asking my wife if our life is really like this. She just smiles. She is one of the main reasons it feels un-real. We dreamt so long and sacrificed so much that it felt sometimes like it would never get here. One day, one fateful day, I received an email from an extraordinary brother who provided the keys that changed everything.”

Darren, flashing his million-dollar smile, “Did you get copies?”

Richard, laughing, “No, but I got the skills that I can share with anyone who is willing and I point. I am really good at pointing! Watch!” Richard jumps up and poses for Darren with pointing fingers! Hilarious! Both men are now laughing big ‘ol belly laughs!

Richard, “In all seriousness, I looked to my Lord, and He provided the keys. I just utilized them.”

Darren, “What advice would you give a young entrepreneur starting out?”

Richard, “I tell them all the time. Stay hungry and humble. If you lose your humility you stop growing. None of us know everything and if you stop growing, you’re dead in the water. I equip people to excel in life and survive spiritually. I lead them to it but if they don’t drink I just keep on loving them. Some get it but most don’t. They don’t want to be seen as unknowing. Can’t help them so be prepared to and quickly let them go.”

Darren, “Yup, I have met those ones too. Anything you would do differently?”

Richard, “Sure, sooner! In reality no, I am grateful for all I have been through and the growth it brought.”

Darren, “Well, we look forward to seeing you again as we discuss your Africa plans.”

Richard, “Sounds great, Darren. Thank you for your visit.”


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